simply_emotion (simply_emotion) wrote,

So you ended up here...

If you don't mind music recommendations, hearing about J-Rock, reading mild fangirl posts, and the occasional personal post - then go ahead and add me. I will most likely add you back. No comments necessary. But take into consideration the following;

o1. If you're adding me for my fan fiction, then watch or join my writing comm: glamourvette

o2. If you're adding me for music downloads, then watch or join my music comm: adventurecargo

o3. If you're looking for someone to stalk you and spam you with CAPSLOCK!flail comments, then look elsewhere. I won't do it.
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OMG,is that really INORAN?where you get that pic?I never seen it before,hahahahah,it's really funny,poor INORAN,LMAO!
Yeah. xD I don't know what it's from, but he looks horrified. Might have been a radio show? Your guess is as good as mine. I got it from this nifty site though -
Hi there,
I just think that I should drop in an say hi because I'm a huge fans of Luna Sea and FAKE? fav member in Luna sea is also Inoran [altho I only have i of his album].
Besides that i listen to OD [currently downloading some of their single from your file], L'arc~en~Ciel, Radwimps and Bump of Chicken..
Just that.

Cool, I love meeting Inoran and Luna Sea fans. There's not too many out there. I also like your taste in music. :] I love Bump of Chicken, L'Arc and Radwimps too. And of course OD.


8 years ago

I wrote a really long and awesome comment right now
but it did not explain why I want to add you.

I like you (god this sounds wired),
I don't know why, but your way of showing 5% of your irl chracter through
2 sentences at the end of each of your updates made me like you :D
and then this:

A jobless student with no plan for life.
Emotionally stunted and happy that way.

amen. hooray :D
Haha, thank you. xD I'm flattered.

Yay for the emotionally stunted! :D Added you back~

Deleted comment

I'd love to add you! :D
Friends? :)
:D Alright
i found you through Your adventurecargo thing but i wanted to know, what the heck is CAPSLOCK!flail comment?
Anything consisting of "OMGHESSOHOTDSALJDFSLKFJSD!" Basically fangirling in capslock. I'm not very good at it, but I've seen people have incredibly long comment sessions with nothing but the above. I refuse to do it. >>


5 years ago


5 years ago

I like your variety of taste in music n.n and I'm for sure into musical recommendations
I will add you, I won't mind reading your random post either hahaha n_n
Hiiiiii I know comments are not necessary but I just wanna tell you that I was looking for some music recommendation sites and I stumbled upon adventurecargo first, and then you.

And I absolutely adore your recommendations! The way you do makes things really convenient for slow internet people as well ^^

p/s: sorry I know this is comment is like ages away from the last comment but no, this is not a spam message.

thank you so much once again! <3
Added you ^__^ I love your taste in music, and you always inspire me with new, good music ~
Hey! nice to meet you! I'm a big INORAN fan too \o/
I wonder if LJ's still alive...
whatever, I'm a SLAVE too.
Let's be friends!
Greetings from Chile!

Hey! Nice to meet another SLAVE! I don't really update my personal journal anymore unfortunately. You're welcome to add me though. :D
uhm.. i used to be a member of adventure cargo but i guess i got dropped? can i be a member again?
Er, you still are. o.o I never removed you.


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

I'm really a nobody, but I just noticed that you hadn't put up anything new in the Adventure Cargo (no, I'm not here to tell you to put something new or anything), but I'm relieved to find that you seem to be doing fairly well.

I don't know if you were planning to keep up putting discographies, but if you aren't, I'd like to give you a big, warm "Thank you!". You really helped me keep in touch with the bands I absolutely loved, as well as introduce me to new voices!

Thank you again!

I hope that you're doing well, and continue to do so (if not, I hope that things get better!).

Thank you :D

-from a nobody who follows Adventure Cargo.
Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad to have supplied your life with music and voices. It means a lot to know that my work was appreciated so much.

I have been doing fairly well. I work odd hours and have other hobbies now. Adventure Cargo is on a indefinite hiatus right now. I don't know when or if I'll be back. It just became too much. My files kept getting reported and deleted and for a while I was scared to upload because of it. Perhaps one day I'll revive it, but for right now it's just a bit much.

Thank you so much for caring! It made me smile to receive this message. :]